Big polluters make themselves rich by making everyone else poor. They raise standards of living for themselves by lowering quality of life for everyone else

This week, Waterkeeper Alliance passed an important milestone. We licensed our 300th Waterkeeper organization. I just came back from a week in Peru, where we have three Waterkeeper organizations fighting dam projects on three of the most important rivers in Latin America. A week before that, I was in the Himalayas and India, where we have seven Waterkeeper organizations protecting the major waterways that supply water to 40% of the planet.

The first Waterkeeper organization was founded on the Hudson River in 1966 by a blue collar coalition of commercial and recreational fishermen who mobilized to reclaim the river from its polluters. Many of the people I represent come from families that have been fishing the river continuously since Dutch colonial times. These were people who had little expectation that they’d ever see Yosemite or Yellowstone or the Everglades. They didn’t have the resources to take those kinds of vacations. For them, like for most Americans, the environment was their backyard.

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Source: Guardian Environment