In her latest book, Peers Inc, Robin Chase writes, “We are in the middle of an economic transition, from the old industrial economy to the new collaborative economy”.

Chase provides a unique insight into the collaborative sharing economy. As a co-founder of Zipcar, she has been a leading thinking in the movement since its emergence. Her latest initiative, Peers Inc, aims to “combine the best people power and best corporate power” to help realise the benefits that come when decentralisation, localisation and specialisation are scaled.

On Tuesday afternoon, Robin Chase featured as a headline act at the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF), an hour long event broadcast live at, which covered a number of  significant issues the positive benefits of sharing economy models on the use of resources and economic output, the role of regulation, the potential of virtual currencies and the danger of incumbent platforms (like Uber and Airbnb) to become monopolies.

The video is available on catch up by clicking here or on the logo below. Chase’s talk presents valuable insights into some of the most important issues surrounding the collaborative economy.

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