This kākāpō’s life is like that of a rock’n’roll legend, including a sex scandal with a BBC presenter. But on his 20th birthday, he’s nowhere to be seen

This week, I learned that Sirocco – media superstar, comedy legend and one of the world’s rarest parrots – has gone missing. The young male kākāpō, who lives wild on a remote New Zealand island, evaded a recent search by scientists who wanted to capture him for a routine health check. Today is Sirocco’s 20th birthday – or “hatchday” to be precise – but no one can say for certain whether he is alive or dead. Is he an ex-parrot or is he just resting? Is he out there pining or has he passed on?

Despite this being the biggest parrot story since Snowball the cockatoo danced to the Backstreet Boys, Sirocco’s disappearance seems to have ruffled few feathers. The media has been slow to pick up on his disappearance, and the bureau responsible for policing the world’s parrots – Interpolly – has yet to file a “missing parrot report”. But why should we care that a big, green, dumpy parrot has gone Awol? Allow me to explain.

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Source: Guardian Climate Change