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Hillary Clinton proposes $30bn lifeline for hard-hit coal communities

Infrastructure and education in poor mining regions among targets of funding, as well as repurposing of lands and power plant sites for other industries

Hillary Clinton on Thursday unveiled a $30bn plan to help America’s coal communities adjust to a climate agenda increasingly driven by renewable energy sources.

After setting ambitious goals to combat climate change in recent months, the Democratic presidential frontrunner’s latest proposals detail how a Clinton administration would seek to alleviate the impact on mining communities of a transition away from coal-fired power plants. Her proposals include new federal investments in public health and education, job training and infrastructure, targeted toward coal-dependent communities that have seen dramatic job losses at the expense of growth in wind, solar and natural gas industries.

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Source: Guardian Environment

Mick Carroll obituary

Our friend and colleague Mick Carroll, who has died of cancer aged 68, was a conservationist who worked tirelessly, often at the expense of his health, to protect birds of prey from the depredations of the game shooting industry.

Mick founded the South Ryedale and East Yorkshire Raptor Group, dedicated to monitoring and protecting birds of prey in that area – in particular the hen harrier and the Montagu’s harrier. Just before his death he made a special plea, via the Northern England Raptor Forum, for the government to uphold the law to ensure a safer future for all raptors and owls, arguing that “continued and serious threats from the game shooting industry should have been confined to history long ago”.

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Zimbabwe blames disgruntled rangers and villagers for elephant poisonings

Environment minister says improved working conditions will help stop poaching in Hwange national park

Zimbabwe’s environment minister has blamed the poisoning of at least 71 elephants in recent months on disgruntled game rangers and local communities who do not benefit from wildlife revenues.

“It was noted that a number of issues such as low staff morale, lack of community benefits and hunting quota anomalies are fuelling poaching in Zimbabwe,” Oppah Muchinguri told a meeting of conservationists, government and security officials on Thursday.

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Source: Guardian Environment

Paris climate deal must be legally binding, EU tells John Kerry

US warned that any agreement in Paris will be enshrined in law after secretary of state said it would ‘definitively’ not be a treaty

The EU has warned the Obama administration that a global climate deal at the Paris summit must be legally binding, after the US secretary of state John Kerry said that it “definitively” would not be a treaty.

“The Paris agreement must be an international legally binding agreement,” a spokeswoman for the EU’s climate commissioner, Miguel Arias Cañete , told the Guardian. “The title of the agreement is yet to be decided but it will not affect its legally binding form.”

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Cities must take lead role in tackling climate change, says Mexico City mayor

Ahead of the Paris climate talks, Mancera says countries should change direction and look to cities for inspiration – while revealing plans for a new water fund to address his city’s major shortages

Once notorious for air pollution, Mexico City’s ability to clean its skies has shown it can also be a leader in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, according to the city’s mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera.

Speaking at the signing of a new pledge to commit the equivalent of 10% of the city’s discretionary budget to “defined resilience goals” – many of which are environment-related – Mancera stressed the role that megacities will have to play in tackling global warming.

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Source: Guardian Environment

Airbnb for supper clubs: why chefs are upset about meal-sharing websites

With the rise of platforms that allow dinner party hosts to connect with chefs, debates around regulation are surfacing

The traditional choice between restaurants, takeaways and home-cooking is being disrupted by the sharing economy. Think Airbnb, but for food.

Take, for example, platforms like La Belle Assiette, which connects personal chefs with people who want to host a dinner party in their own home, and others like ShareYourMeal, founded in the Netherlands, which allows people to sell portions of their home-cooked meals to neighbours.

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Source: Guardian Environment

Science Museum ends sponsorship deal with Shell

Arrangement with oil company will not be renewed when it lapses in December, but museum refuses to rule out future partnership

The Science Museum will not renew a controversial sponsorship deal with Shell in which the oil company provided significant funding for its high-profile climate change exhibition.

The museum in London answered a freedom of information request saying: “No, the Science Museum Group [formerly the National Museum of Science & Industry] does not have plans to renew its existing sponsorship deal or initiate a new deal or funding agreement with Royal Dutch Shell.”

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Source: Guardian Environment

“Achieving a Circular Economy”: U.S. Focused Report Released

There is a growing momentum behind the idea that the circular economy model represents a positive way forward for the global economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Towards the Circular Economy reports (vol. 1-3) found a $1 trillion opportunity for businesses moving to circular models. The more recent Growth Within, found that combining a transition to circular economy models with the benefits of the impending technology revolution could create a net benefits of €1.8tr in Europe by 2030, more than twice the calculated benefits on the current development path.

In addition to the facts and figures, there are also a growing number of case studies and examples of companies, start-ups and governmental initiatives applying the circular economy model successfully in their spheres of operation.

A new report released this week by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) and titled, “Achieving the Circular Economy: How the Private Sector Is Reimagining the Future of Business”, explores a combination of the latest circular economy thinking and some of the most pertinent examples in the U.S. market. The report was support by Veolia North America and DOW and produced in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

At its core, “Achieving the Circular Economy” is about demonstrating just how successful the circular economy is today, as well as pointing towards the potential opportunities in the future. The report covers a range activities from different companies across a number of sectors. Electronics and technology, plastics and packaging, manufacturing and finance are all explored.

The intention is to be deliberately discursive and the authors of the report will take part in two webinars next week to dig deeper into the circular economy strategies featured.

On November 17, Ellen MacArthur Foundation CEO, Andrew Morlet will feature as part of a panel discussion hosted by GreenBiz. On November 20, Scott O’Connell, director of environmental affairs at Dell, and Ed Pinero, senior vice-president for sustainability, Veolia North America, will take part in a Disruptive Innovation Festival session.

Details of the two webinars and how to access the report:

Download the report

GreenBiz webinar – November 17, 18:00 GMT

Disruptive Innovation Festival webinar – November 20, 16:00 GMT

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'Waterless' washing machine group raising £40m for expansion

Xeros planning to roll out plastic bead technology in the Americas and Europe

Xeros, a British technology group that specialises in “waterless” washing machines, has announced plans to raise £40m from shareholders for its further development.

The group, which floated on London’s Aim market in March 2014 when it raised £27.6m, said the funds will help it maintain momentum as it rolls out its commercial laundry business in the Americas and Europe.

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Source: Guardian Environment

Peabody strikes deal with New York attorney general over climate risk filings

Coal mining company denies issuing misleading statements but agrees to amend future risk reports, following eight-year investigation, reports Business Green

Coal giant Peabody Energy has agreed to change the way it reports the risks posed to investors by climate change, ending an eight-year investigation by the New York attorney general.

Peabody and attorney general Eric Schneiderman confirmed they had reached an agreement on Monday, after the company was accused of issuing misleading statements on the risks it could face from tightening climate change laws.

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Source: Guardian Environment