Radon gas levels rise significantly when fracking takes place

I was very surprised to read such an experienced and successful businessman as Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos make such an ill-informed comment as: “In the US they have drilled a million wells and not had an environmental incident for six years.” (“‘Fracking can be done safely. A lot of opposition is based on hearsay’”, News.)

An article in the Washington Post on 10 April reported a new study in the journal Environmental Health Perspective which revealed a “disturbing correlation” between unusually high levels of radon gas in residences and fracking. The researchers found that in the same areas of Pennsylvania as the fracking operations there were generally higher readings of radon, with about 42% of the readings higher than what is considered safe by US federal standards. Moreover, the researchers discovered that radon levels spiked overall in 2004 at about the same time fracking activity began to pick up.

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Source: Guardian Environment