Nearly 90 cyclists were killed riding their bikes in England and Wales last year, but how are you most likely to come a cropper while cycling? And are you more likely to die falling off a ladder? Helen Pidd sifts through the figures

Would you have guessed that 70 people died in England and Wales in 2014 from falling off a ladder? That 15 fell off a cliff and yet just one man kicked the bucket falling out of a tree last year? Five women died from “pain and other conditions associated with female genital organs and menstrual cycle”; nine people passed away from a “foreign body entering into or through eye or natural orifice”. The list of ways to die, detailed in Office for National Statistics (ONS) annual mortality data published, goes on.

But as a cyclist, I was most interested in looking at how cyclists died. The stats make sobering reading.

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Source: Guardian Environment