Bargain hunters expect VW to do the right thing on emissions and cut prices at the dealerships

Warren Marvelley was in a hopeful mood on Saturday. He and his wife, Jane, have set their hearts on buying a new VW Golf and believe the time is ripe to buy one. The decision may seem odd, given the turmoil that now surrounds Volkswagen. Last week its share price plummeted after senior executives admitted that Volkswagen had disguised illegal levels of emissions produced by some diesel-engined cars.

Nevertheless, the Marvelleys, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were buoyant during their visit to the Lookers showroom in Blackburn. “I’ve read all about the scandal, but it really doesn’t bother me that much,” said 51-year-old Warren. “Yes, a few of their people have cooked the figures, but I don’t think we’re talking drastic amounts, so I won’t be holding it against them.”

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Source: Guardian Environment