Business Call to Action’s Impact Measurement Services program provides members with survey design expertise so they can fully evaluate their impact

One afternoon under the grey skies of India’s monsoon season, Prashant, a collection officer with Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, sits with one of his customers at her home in a remote village in the state of Maharashtra. A few months ago, the customer took a housing loan from Mahindra to build a new home. As the lady invites Prashant into her house, he takes out his mobile phone and begins asking questions, as prompted on the screen, about the family’s income level, health and Mahindra’s services.

Mahindra is one of the members of Business Call to Action (BCtA) currently measuring the operational performance and social impact of its business through BCtA Impact Measurement Services (BIMS). This program is providing BCtA’s inclusive business members with survey design expertise to create customised questionnaires and a platform for real-time data collection using mobile phones. BCtA is now offering this service across south Asia, Africa, and Latin America with companies such as Empower Pragati, Nuru Energy, Drishtee, Echale a Tu Casa and Shubham Housing Development Finance in partnership with Arthify Inc and Echo Mobile.

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