Following the shark bite death of a body boarder in February, there have been calls for a cull of bull sharks. But it isn’t the answer – and it won’t work

I’m a shark biologist and I also love to surf. One of my favourite surfing memories isn’t one of my rides, however, but of being a spectator. I remember standing on the Waimea shoreline in 2009, feeling the beach shake as enormous waves thundered to a close. Moments before, my favourite surfer had just scored a 98 point ride in the prestigious “Eddie” competition, named in honour of Hawaiian surfing legend Eddie Aikau. That surfer was Kelly Slater.

Slater’s name is currently synonymous with sharks because of comments he made following the tragic death of body boarder Alexandre Naussac on 21 February 2017 in the waters of Reunion Island. Naussac was killed by a bite by a bull shark, and in the shock that followed, Slater spoke out, backing the long-held views of Reunion Island local and pro surfer Jeremy Flores, and called for a cull on the sharks around Reunion. This quickly led to a barrage of online attacks and misinformation from people on both sides of the argument.

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Source: Guardian Climate Change